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Beside the Bridge is a Swedish 5-piece band playing modern rock with strong influences from mainstream pop and classic rock. They’re known for their covers on YouTube, rocking originals and live performances.

Beside The Bridge was formed in 2008. Joel (vocals), Charlie (guitar) and Niklas (bass) have been best friends since preschool a growing up together, the three realized they had a shared passion for music. As their skills improved, so did their potential and desire to form a band. Eventually, they realized not having a drummer was an issue. That’s when they met Rasmus (drums), who had been playing drums since an early age, he tried out for the position, and naturally filled the role. The fifth member Ludvig (guitar) had studied with Rasmus, and on his suggestion, auditioned and was instantly welcomed into the group.

Initially, they were doing live covers of their favorite bands at the time, such as Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. After playing a couple of sets at their school’s talent shows, the town mall and outside the local burger joint, they became inspired to create original music , which they began to include in their repertoire. The five continued to participate in musical competitions, grabbing several top spots and ultimately making their name known on the scene in Europe. They started to receive increased attention from fans and the music industry, all the while building their online database and social media.

In 2015, Beside The Bridge was discovered by US label EP Entertainment, after several calls and meetings, the five knew EP would be an ideal fit and signed with them in January 2016.

The latest single I Hate My Life was very well received by the fan base and was through overwhelming request put on rotation on MTV. The band supported British act The Vamps in 2016 and got a immense response from the crowd.

The band continues to create new music, keep up with the pulse of the industry, and generates new covers on a monthly basis. They are currently working on their album and have plans to travel to the United States by summer 2016 to work hands on with EP Entertainment.

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