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Beside the Bridge is a Swedish 5-piece band playing modern rock with strong influences from both hardcore and 2000s pop. They’re known for their covers on YouTube and their professional live performances.

The idea that today is Beside the Bridge saw its first light back in 2008. Joel (vocals), Charlie (guitar) and Niklas (bass) had been best friends since preschool and then decided to start playing music together. As they started to get better and see some potential in their little group, not having a drummer quickly became an issue. That’s when they met Rasmus (drums), who had been playing drums since an early age and naturally filled the role. They finally struck gold when Ludvig (guitar), who studied together with Rasmus, to try out for the position.

They started out doing live covers of their favorite bands at the time, such as Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. After playing a couple of sets at their school’s talent shows, the town mall and outside the local burger joint, the first original songs started to surface. From thereon they went on to participate in musical competitions, grabbing several top spots and ultimately making their name known on the scene. Shortly thereafter the group began to receive increased attention from fans and the industry.

Through their covers on YouTube they have quickly generated a steadily growing fan base and are currently working on new material set to release late 2015.

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