Beside the Bridge is a Swedish 5-piece band playing modern rock with strong influences from mainstream pop and classic rock. They’re known for their covers on YouTube, live performances and hugely dedicated fans.

Beside The Bridge was first formed in 2008. Joel (vocals), Charlie (guitar) and Niklas (bass), three best friends since preschool, had realized they all shared a passion for music. As their skills as musicians improved, so did their potential and desire to form a band. It didn’t take long for the disadvantages of not having a drummer to become painfully clear. That’s when they met Rasmus (drums), who had been playing drums since an early age. He tried out for the position and naturally filled the much needed role. The fifth member Ludvig (guitar) had studied music alongside Rasmus, and on his suggestion, auditioned for a spot in the band. He instantly made an impression and joined soon after.

Initially, they were doing live covers of their favorite bands at the time, such as Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. After playing a couple of sets at talent shows in school, the town mall and outside the local burger joint, they became inspired to create original music. The group continued to participate in musical competitions, grabbing several top spots and ultimately making their name known on the scene in Europe. They started getting increased attention from fans and the music industry, all the while building their online brand and expanding on social media.

Their new single Cool Kid is out now.